Steroids in sports essay

For females you could get male patterned baldness, smaller breasts, deeper voices, hairy bodies and menstrual irregularities. Would you be attracted to a woman who is just like one of the guys, literally?

Steroids and Sports Essay

And girls, would you want someone who has yellow skin with acne all over his face? Physical problems are just the first step, steroids also give you psychological problems. When the user gets very angry and they could possibly swing punches aggressively at anyone within striking distance. The other mental problem is addiction. Even though the user has an already built body he or she thinks that steroids are still necessary to use so they can perform better. Some users also experience depression during parts of the cycles when taking the drug. Anabolic steroids are illegal and are sold over the black market and there are different kinds.

To name some there are Erythropoietin, stimulants, clenbuterol and other drugs that are marketed as steroid alternatives. Without a prescription steroids are illegally sold. Besides steroids there are other performance enhancers that can be bought over the counter. They are androstenedione and creatine.

These also increase your hormones just like the anabolic steroids. They way they think andro works is your body converts it into testosterone. If the theory is true then andro would be just like regular anabolic steroids. There have been a few studies of its safety and effectiveness but most studies have been about creatine. An amino acid supplement which will make you train longer and harder.

ANABOLIC STEROIDS Steroids in sports Documentary 2015

We are for sure that anabolic steroids are bad for you because it has been proven. Even though some of these effects are good, is it worth it to go through the bad effects that are more permanent? So for love of the game, would you please keep it clean?

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Massive advertising campaigns mounted by major pharmaceutical corporations would have you believe that the only…. GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyrate, is a central nervous system depressant which can relax or sedate…. Many people in the world are using steroids. Why not eat healthy and stay active instead of using a drug. Now days men are leaning toward using this drug.

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Argumentative Essay: Steroids in Baseball - Surviving Grady

The supplement itself is harmful just as any other enhancements. Taking the drug has its risks, and could send yourself to the hospital. There are three things you need to know about steroids: the side affects of steroids, the pros and cons, the abuse, medical reasons, and how steroids work. Steroids are not something…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays.

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Show More. They will assure efficient growth and adaptation throughout body systems. The male hormone receptors are not only found in skeletal muscle, but also in sex organ tissues. This causes muscle building affects to be linked with sex related affects. Two main functions of steroids in the body are physical growth and sexual maturation. Steroids have many metabolic effects, but their primary one is the formation and storage of muscle tissue protein.

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  • Because of steroids the body is able to retain certain chemicals and then convert them into muscle. Steroids also affect sexual organs because the accessory sex gland is the first to build the tissue. And, lastly, steroids perform several biological functions in the body without we would die.

    Steroids stimulate the building of bone tissue and strengthen protein matrix in bones which support our body. Steroids also heal many wound both on the inside and outside of our body. Anabolic steroids are very important to modern medicine.

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    One example of their use is in testicular cancer. To remove this cancer men need to have their testicles removed, which makes them incapable of producing testosterone. Many of these patients are prescribed anabolic steroids to replace testosterone and maintain the function to their reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics.

    Adolescent males with a pituitary malfunction involving low androgen. Read More. Words: - Pages:. Essay Steroids And Banned Substance Use Steroids and Banned substance use in Professional sports Introduction: Steroids in professional sports are used by many players or were used by current or former players. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay Steroid Usage Among Young Athletes Armstrong, and Sammy Sosa all have been notorious athletes in the sports they play but have all been example of steroid consumption to many teens.

    Words: - Pages: 8.

    Should Steroids Be Allowed in Sports?

    Words: - Pages: 7. Essay Steroids Should Be A Crime The use of Steroids in the sports world is not new in present times; these performance enhancing drugs is so commonly used by athletes. Popular Essays.