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All of our turnaround times are guaranteed, if we fail to meet a selected turnaround time, we will provide a full refund and offer to proofread your next document of an equal size for FREE! We also uniquely offer a free sample service so you can see how we can help and be assured of our quality standards prior to placing your order. Placing an order with us is easy, simply visit the Instant Quote page. Select the particular proofreading service that you require, followed by the turnaround time, then upload your document and our Quote Generator will calculate an individual, personalised quote for you based upon the word count of your document.

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Once your order is placed, our editors will begin work proofreading your document straight away and return the proofread copy to you within your selected timeframe. For a reliable, professional, express proofreading service try us today! Express Proofreading provides a comprehensive academic proofreading service for students, senior academics, research students and professors.

Our proofreading services cover all academic disciplines by matching your document to an editor with the relevant background and experience in your field. Express Proofreading provides professional business proofreading services for all types of businesses across a variety of different sectors and industries from small businesses, governmental departments, Universities, banking and financial institutions to novelists. We work with businesses to proofread their web content, marketing material, company reports as well as other commercial and company documents The online world is increasingly fundamental to the success of many businesses, having a strong online presence ensures that you are able to appeal to a wider global audience.

Please contact us if you have questions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have after you have received your proofread and edited document. Simply contact us and we will provide a prompt and full response to your questions and requests. After we have returned your document, should you make some changes to it, we will be happy to review them for you. There will be no extra charge, assuming that the changes are not too extensive e. To review substantial changes — for example, the entire document or sizable sections of it — an additional charge will be applicable.

Simply note this on the order form and we will assign your new order to the same editor who completed your prior work. If you are unhappy with the work of the editor, please contact us and we will find a suitable resolution. The following file types are preferred, as they allow us to utilize the Track Changes feature in MS Word, which highlights the amendments made by the editor. We are unable to edit LaTeX files directly. However, if you export or copy and paste your LaTeX source code into a Microsoft Word document, we will leave any programming commands unedited.

You can then review our changes in Word and copy and paste the text back into the LaTeX source code. We have flat-rate pricing based on word count, service level one-editor or two-editor and turnaround time. Enter your word count into our pricing calculator for an instant quote and return time.

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No, our service will not have any impact on your plagiarism or Turnitin score. Any files that you send to us are kept securely and are not shared with outside parties. We are a trustworthy organisation with a reputation for excellent work and customer service. Our experienced editors handle thousands of documents for satisfied clients all over the world every year.

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The majority of our work comes from repeat customers or word-of-mouth referrals. Indeed, the chances are that you found us through the recommendation of a colleague or friend. It is quick and easy to place an order for our service.

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They will be kept in the strictest confidence. The editing manager will review your document and assign it to an editor with expertise relevant to your topic. We will return your proofread and edited file via email within the deadline. We have several options for making payments and accept U. Our on-site card payments are securely processed by BrainTree a PayPal company. Expiration date. CVV code. Address Line 1. Address Line 2.

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Your order was successfully submitted and sent for processing. Transaction ID: You can log in to your account to see your order status. Trusted By. Proofreading and Editing Services The list of services we provide. Copy-Editing Service Anything from a blog to a novel to a website, we will ensure that your published content is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of error, omission, plagiarism, inconsistency and repetition.

Paraphrasing Service We will re-write the necessary content in your document to ensure accurate, clear and concise English, with the exception of direct quotes or citations.

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Why Us? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us. Top Quality All of our proofreading and editing is done by native speakers who possess vast experience and degrees in their native language. Fast delivery We offer flexible delivery times from 90 minutes up to 7 days. Price comparison table.

Proofreading Samples Check out some examples of our work. Article edited with marks. Email edited with marks. Website content edited with marks. Frequently Asked Questions Looking for answers? Here are some of the most common questions and answers. How do I start using your service? Getting started with our service is pretty simple. Just follow these steps: Save all the content you want us to proofread in a single. If you have already registered, log in to our system.

If you are using our service for the first time, just use the form on the main page to create your user account. Select the content language and desired turnaround time, then select or drag and drop the files that you want us to proofread or edit. Our system will automatically calculate the number of words contained in the document, and you will be provided with the total rate for the service.

To complete your order, kindly effect payment by means of PayPal or credit card. Once payment is successfully completed, your order will be placed into our queue, where it will be processed within your chosen turnaround time. After your order is completed, you will receive an email notification and you may download the edited files from your account page. What services do you provide?

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  8. Proofreading Editing Spelling, grammar and typing mistakes eliminated Overall quality of writing improved Consistent language flow and formatting Language-use enhanced Perfects already good standard of writing Expression clearer Ensures publication or print ready document Errors and inconsistences removed Less costly than editing Your writing will have maximum impact If you have poorly written content or doubts about which service to use, we recommend using one of our editing services which will cover all possible writing errors and grammar mistakes.

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    To ensure the best quality possible, we fix the following types of errors: Grammar Spelling Punctuation and typography Style structure, and clarity errors. What type of files do you accept? How much it will cost me?

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    Do you charge sales tax? No, we do not charge sales tax. Will my documents be kept confidential and secure?