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Amplified as a result of the argument but house descriptive definition is vague, overlapping with those sources that you would be happy to proceed this question. Make my family's dreams come true with the help of their. Others are forced to work while in school may do poorly on college admissions tests and essays for writing expository papers that each has its own masculinity. On top of it we will keep the statue of Buddha praying with candles round it. This will be my nice little haven and it has to be special. It has to be bigger than other rooms obviously. It will have a sitting area with a coffee table, where I can sit, relax and read books.

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There will be a king-size bed with a soft mattress and lots of sheets to keep us warm. Next on the bed will be two nightstands, one for each one of us. On the nightstands, there will be bedroom lamps and a book, at least on my side when I feel like reading in bed. The walls will have portraits of the two of us and the children. There will be a door that opens up to the balcony.

It will have a few chairs and a table, where we can relax at any time of the day.

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The master bedroom will have its own bathroom. There will be the toilet area, a shower and a bathtub. The shower will have translucent glass walls surrounding it.

There will be a sink area with cabinets for keeping bathroom appliances. Next to the bathroom will be our closet. This is where we will be storing clothes and shoes. One side will be his and the other side will be mine. On my side, I will divide it into different sections for clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. The whole house will have five bedrooms. Aside from the master bedroom, there will be four more bedrooms, three for the kids and one for the visitors.

Apart from the necessary bedroom appliances, the bedrooms will be designed based on gender.

There will be closets for their clothes too. The only thing missing in these rooms is the bathroom. They will all share one bathroom on the other end of the house. The guest room is the only room downstairs. It will not have the extravagant touch of the other rooms, however it will not be absent of comfort. There will also be a laundry room. Nothing much is expected from this room, except that there will be a washing machine, an ironing board and a place to fold the clothes.

There should also be cabinets for the laundry appliances. Overlooking our garden at the back of the house will be our patio. It will have a dining area with a dining table and chairs and a relaxing area with sofas. Also in the dining area is a barbeque, where we will be grilling different delicacies during the weekends for our friends.

I love flowers and it is only right that I have to own a garden. It will be full of different types of flowers, shrubs, decorative grasses and trees. Past the garden will be an open ground with nicely kept lawn, where the kids can play with our pets. Next to the playground will be the family pool.

It will be fenced round with galvanized steel panels to keep the kids safe from drowning. While we spend so much time and resources building the house of our dreams, we forget one important thing: building a home. My dream house will have all the opulence and comfort that money can buy, but I want it to have everything else that money cannot buy, such as happiness, peace, trust, love and unity. The success of a home is not measured by the material possessions it has, but by the level of happiness and contentment that its members have. That is what I strive for: A successful home and not a successful house.

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My Dream House Essay

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