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Active learning with constructivism, allows the student to construct relationships and their own meaning through problem based learning activities. Students are encouraged through dialogue with the teacher and fellow students, and relate new information to that of which they already have an understanding. Constructivism is the focus on maximising the understanding of the student and progression through scaffolding and assistance.

Constructivism instructional mode also utilises collaborative and cooperative learning approaches. Both approaches are about establishing groups and working effectively in those groups. Collaborative learning enables the student to work independently or within the group when necessary and therefore has less group contact than cooperative learning. Activities that are cooperative based are solely group oriented. Group work collaborative or cooperative have some disadvantages requiring teachers to plan in these factors to contribute to successful outcomes for the groups.

Issues may include things such as rivalry between group members, ability of individual students, interpersonal skills, group size and teacher management skills. Fetherston, , pp. As per Appendix One, a constructive approach is displayed in the reflection section. Problem based learning is displayed when students are given time to discuss the questions as a collaborative, and demonstrate this groups kowledge to the class. The seating arrangement also assists in the shared experience activity, by allowing for group discussion and to reflect on the task requirements.

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Another teaching strategy is Discussion. During discussion, effective questioning must be purposeful and encourage the students to achieve a higher level of understanding. Marsh, , pp. Preparation by the teacher is vital. The use of both higher and lower level questioning should be included in lesson planning. Probing higher level questions are open ended and require discussion and the exchange of ideas, rather than simple lower level closed questioning.

However, the aim of both should ultimately be to extend student thinking. Another tool for teachers to promote student questioning are the de Bono thinking hats. Comprising of 6 coloured hats, the theory behind them is to encourage different student thinking - Blue - Process, White— Facts, Green— Creativity, Yellow - Benefits, and Black — Cautions. In the Science — Modelling Light video, the teacher displayed effective questioning throughout the video. In the recap of the previous lesson, the teacher, when questioning, gave students some key words but not the answer enabling the students to reflect with their own understanding.

Other examples of effective questioning displayed were: Closed: Can you see behind the mirrors? Can you see round corners with the mirror? Open: How do you think this happens? Closed: Could you see the objects in the Kaleidoscope before facing it towards the light?

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Did the reflections in the student kaleidoscopes look similar to those in the you tube video? Open: Why? Why Not?

What do you think the image will look like? Can you describe what you saw when you looked in the Kaleidoscope? Another teacher centred mode of delivery is Direct Instruction or Explicit Teaching. Most efficiently used for basic skills such as reading and mathematics, it helps students learn in a step by step process.

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  4. Murphy, et al, The teacher must ensure the lesson covers the level of all student skills and knowledge. This essay has described the importance of effective lessons, behaviour management, classroom environment, positive and inclusive learning environments, and a selection of teaching characteristics. There are many other characteristics equally important to be an effective teacher.

    Each characteristic meshes with the other, and if one aspect of the delivery is not group appropriate, students will not achieve their maximum learning potential and therefore effective teaching will not result. Effective teaching requires flexibility and continual re-evaluation of lesson delivery methods.

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    A lesson plan developed on one strand for one group of students will not necessarily be as effective delivered to another group of students. Teachers proficient in these characteristics will be effective educators and will have increased success in the delivery of effective student learning.

    Uni Assignment Essay Samples Education. Place an essay order Place a dissertation order Place a marking order Order a personal statement. Print Reference This. He is always neat and tidy. He always sticks to the rules of keeping himself healthy. He is always punctual in attending school. He works very hard at school. He always does his home-task. His result is always good. In examinations, he tries his best to top the list of successful students. An ideal student divides his time in an appropriate manner.

    Besides attending school regularly, he devotes a fixed period for games and exercises.

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    He also studies at home regularly and revises all the lessons that he has learnt at school the same day. Even at school, he takes extra care to learn his subjects wholeheartedly. He keeps friendly relations with other students. He always respects teachers and students He always helps his classmates, if they approach him for it.